Dear Sir:
WDI is the most professional wire die and PCD dire maker from Taiwan.
Our tolerance is within 5 micron
We have many calibrate and measuring processes in our quality control system to make sure the durability of our Wire Die and P.C.D. Die is much higher than our competitors
This is why our customers' satisfaction is so high

These processes are
1. Die hole calibration
To control the precise of the die hole

2. Wire Drawing through
To double confirm the precise of the die hole and make the smoothness of the die hole
3. Laser micrometer measuring
To make sure the accuracy of the die hole

4. Elongation measuring
To increase the wire drawing speed and durability of our wire die

5. Die profile measuring
To make sure the shape of the cone in the die is within our tollerance

You may also surf the following YouTube hyperlink to see our technical capability and our durability

Your Excellency may take a look at the attachment to see the testing report to testify our quality

Regarding our manufacturing process
The followings is our manufacturing process
1. Diamond inspection
Weilly Die are made with diamonds close to gem grade, which are checked under microscope by more than 100X material magnification
Any impurities, crack and spots could be easily detected and rejected
An orthoscope detects the internal-stress, since abnormal internal-stress will cause die cracking during the wire die manufacturing process

2. Diamond setting
Putting a center-marked diamond toward the turning casing is the best solution for extra center setting of diamond in the casing

3. Metal power filling
By using an automatically filling machine efficiently and precisely, filling a constant amount of mixed sintering power into casing

4. Reinforcement
By using an automatic machine complete front and back cones two parallel flats

5. Coning
By using an automatic turning machine complete front and back cones and two parallel flats

6. Cylindrical grinding
To make sure the precise dimension and roundness of the casing, every casing should be grounded by centerless grinding machine to tightly control the tolerance within 5 micron

7. Laser drilling/EDM
The precision and consistency of our die profiling has been improved dramatically since we purchased a state of the art laser die drilling unit. Double sided profile drilling is achieved by this most update laser drilling machine

8. Die shaping and polishing
An advanced ultrasonic die working machine ensure the accurate die profile and good surface finish

9. Hole calibration
A wire lapping machine is used for controlling the precise tolerance of the die hole

We are looking for new cooperation around the world at this moment
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Absolutely you will find something fulfill your need
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We do believe we can create a win-win situation for both sides as long as we have come to a cooperation consensus

"Customers' satisfaction is our guarantee" this is our believe and what we are for

Your prompt reply is highly appreciated

Best Regards

Charles---Weilly Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd


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